Sasha Renkas ‘Safe Place’
(ambient pop album)

Betonkust ‘Concrete Coast’
(electronic goth pop album)

Palmbomen II ‘Make A Film’ 
(new age film compositions)

Cindy ’I’m Cindy’
(shoegaze italo album)


Antenna ‘Quiet fx’
(ukranian soft house album)


Kai Hugo (photo by Manuela Vilanova) Kai Hugo (photo by Manuela Vilanova)

I’m Kai. I’ve been making music as Palmbomen II for a while now and have released on labels such as Beats In Space, 1080p, Pinkman and Dekmantel. Building worlds and stories around my music has always felt like a very natural process. I had the idea to start a label so I can get deeper into not only my own projects, but those of my friends too.World Of Paint will be my playground to explore and create art around albums.

I’ve been able to start World Of Paint with the help of my manager Kostijn Egberts. Together, we took the first steps in conceptualizing this label. I’ve worked with Kostijn for many years and he has been involved with the likes of Fatima Yamaha and De Jeugd Van Tegenwoordig. He will run one side of the label from Amsterdam, and I will run the other side of the label in Antwerp.

My idea for World Of Paint is to primarily release full-length albums. I want to release music that you can listen to at home, not just music made for clubs. Most artists on the label perform their own music live. The visual component of the albums will also be very important. For the first release, ‘Quiet fx’, by my friend Antenna, we created an Eastern European 3D adventure featuring Antenna himself.

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Kostijn Egberts (photo by Kai Hugo) Kostijn Egberts (photo by Kai Hugo)

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