Palmbomen II ‘Make A Film’
(new age film compositions)

Canvo ’Montjuic’

(peruvian vaporwave pop)

Cindy ’I’m Cindy’
(shoegaze italo album)


Antenna ‘Quiet fx’
(ukranian soft house album)


I am Canvo and I was born in 1987 in the suburbs in Lima, Peru. This was a very musical environment, so I was a musical child. The first years of my life I used to listen to a lot of Latin music from the sixties and seventies, it was my father’s music. Thanks to this there was always something to listen around the house, so at the age of seven (after a lot of insisting) I got him to get me my first keyboard, that’s when I started playing every song that we used to listen to, and it gave me the amazing feeling of the possibilities to communicate different sensations throughout the music and its language.

I came from rock, and to me, to start making electronic music in my twenties was a big leap, to let go that love for distorted guitars and to learn to love the classic sounds from drum machines. My formative years enabled me to get to know the subgenres of the genre, and to find or remember the sound that is the most sincere and comfortable to me, is in downtempo where I feel I can have a great conversation.

At a later point I moved to Barcelona and there the musical scene is, at the moment, ‘nonexistent’. Barcelona is not the kind of place that enjoys this kind of ‘Lo-fi’ or ‘Vaporwave’ music very much. Nonetheless this is not bad for me, on the contrary, I like to nourish the nineties nostalgia that invades some places of the city, the context or the architecture and some other natural places where you can feel closer to the planet.

I was very in love with the sound of the Korg M1, and it's responsible for most of the leads and pads of the EP. I love the sweetness when you play seventh chords. I used the Roland Alpha Juno 2 for brasses and basses, this synthesizer has been my companion for other productions too. The rhythm section is mostly done with the Alesis SR-16, drums with lots of pitch down. There are some songs where I use a Fender Strat for some funky riffs and palm mute with many choruses.

At the end of 2019, I lived a season next to the beach, away from the city, each time I took the train to Barcelona I tried to go to a place that reminded me of what I went through as a kid, the amazing feeling of being a 10-year-old and feel everything around you, with all the freedom in the world and nothing to worry about. To see those aesthetics, made me want to capture what I felt. That’s how it started the sound of the EP, like a musical picture. At Calafell Beach, where I lived at the beginning of 2020, I composed the songs of Montjuic, listening to the demos in a ghost town (like every beach in winter), it reminded me of Lima in the sixties.

In my music, even though most of the songs are instrumental, there are some recurrent concepts that always have my back, like the inner exploration or being true to yourself. Also, the nostalgia of the unknown. Aesthetically the mission is always to make you travel with my music to places that you can’t explain, but they seem familiar. Some other influences are: Claude Debussy, Gustavo Cerati, Joey Ramone, Piero de Benedictis and Paco de Lucia. This is music that left its mark on me, and has awakened things that I love, most of them are not with us anymore.

My plans for the future are intertwined with my inner self search, I would like to produce more records and to work with art-videos. Music wise, I gave myself the personal mission to explore more into rhythms, so I can make the music that I’m making more human. In the harmonic spectrum, I would like to go deep in some new harmonies, not necessarily occidental sound, I'd like to have a wide and colorful palette to create new music.

Canvo ‘Montjuic ’ will release on februari 12 as a cassette on Clone and digitally through our Bandcamp page.