A1.wav or 01 Track.wav etc.
Sample Rate
Native sample rate of your DAW project.

Bit Depth
24-bit (TDIF/Triangular dithered) or 32-bit floating.
Must not exceed -1dbFS.

Mix Bus
Please remove any compressor, clipper or limiter that is used to increase level. Processors that are part of the mix can stay.
Please tell us where the fades should start and end.

If you want special transitions, please provide an example file.
Noise Reduction
If noise reduction is required, please provide at least 2 seconds of pre-roll and/or post-roll of empty recorded noise at the start and/or end of each track.
Stem Mastering
When mastering in stems we advise to provide us with 2-6 stereo stems.
Please provide us with ISRC and EAN codes.
Uploading Files
You will receive an upload link from us.


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